This section is about 24.5 miles. My friend Jessie accompanied me on this section and we set up a car shuttle. We left one car at the Ouaquaga fishing access. But before doing that we checked out the bridge at Windsor (5 miles down stream from Ouaquaga) to see if there was easy access to the river. We made very good time on the previous trip and we thought that we should have no problem paddling the extra 5 miles. Fortunately we did not find any easy access in Windsor and decided to stay with the original plan to paddle the 25 miles to Ouaquaga. I'm very glad that we did not find an easy access in Windsor because the 25 miles proved to be very slow and grueling. If we had to go an additional 5 miles to Windsor we would have arrived after dark. This was a good "don't bite off more than you can chew" lesson.

We paddled this section on July 1st. By then drought conditions had reduced the current considerably, and making matter worse we had a stiff headwind the whole day. During the flat water stretches the wind would actually push us back up-stream if we stopped paddling. In addition, the water level was so low that at times we would get stuck on the many gravel bars along the way.

Milestones along the way:
1) Village of Bainbridge 4 miles. Reached in 1 hour and 34 minutes

2) Bridge and fishing access area in Afton: 10 miles from Sidney, 6 miles from Bainbridge. Reached in 3 hours and 28 minutes (from Sidney)
3) Public boat ramp and bridge at Nineveh: 15.5 miles from Sidney, 5.5 miles from Afton. Reached in 5 hours and 45 minutes (from Sindey)

4) The bridge at Harpursville: 17.7 miles from Sidney, 2 miles from Nineveh. Reached in 6 hours and 3 minutes (from Sidney

5) The bridge and fishing access at Ouaquaga, NY: 24.5 miles from Sidney, 7 miles from Harpursville.

Total paddling time from Sidney to Ouaquaga: about 8 hours and 30 minutes. This time includes a half hour lunch break


The bridge at Sidney, NY. this photo was taken from downstream looking back 

Column that once supported a bridge. reached this point 6 minutes after leaving Sidney. 

First bridge after Sidney. Reached 11 minutes from Sidney 

Railroad bridge; Reached 35 minutes after leaving Sidney 

Eagle perched on a branch above the river 

Approaching Bainbridge. The building is part of some camping establishment. I could see a few trucks with horse trailers and I presume it is a place where people camp and ride their horses on local trails. Reached about 1 hour and 5 minutes from Sidney

 Bridge at Bainbridge. Reached 1 hour and 34 minutes from Sidney

Not sure what this building is. But we reached it 2 hours after leaving Sidney 

A Cormorant drying it's wings  

 The Bridge at Afton, NY. 3 hours and 25 minutes from Sidney. 10 miles from Sidney, 6 miles from Bainbridge.

The Afton fishing access is located at the bridge 

The River Club restaurant is also located at the bridge. Looks like a very nice place to have lunch. 

The bridge at Nineveh, NY. There is a lso a boat ramp and parking on the left bank. Reached 5 hours and 15 minutes from Sidney. 15.5 miles from Sidney, 5.5 miles from Afton 

Bridge at Harpursville, NY. Only 2 miles from Nineveh. Not a good place to stop. Does not appear to be any parking in the area. 

Finally! approaching the bridge at Ouaquaga, NY 

Bridges at Ouaquaga, NY. note that there are two bridges. one is a pedestrian bridge. Reached 8 hours and 30 minutes after leaving Sidney. Total miles from Sidney is 24.5. This was a difficult day due to slow current, strong headwinds and hitting bottom at several spots.

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