I paddled this section on June 21, 2018, Summer solstice day. Not a cloud in the sky and the sun was really beating down on me. I was wearing shorts, and although I had put on a lot of sunscreen I could really start to feel my legs being burned. Fortunately, I had packed a pair of lightweight long pants and I got out of the river and put them on. Before the sun got too high parts of the left hand bank offered shade and I paddled close to shore seeking relief. But, eventually as the sun rose higher overhead there was very little shade. I had brought along a lot of water that I had kept cold in my cooler and that offered me a lot of relief.

 Despite the burning sun, this was the best section of the river so far. This is where the river starts to flow thru the Endless mountains of PA. The scenery is great and there are several sections of fast flowing water that makes for a fun ride.


My  new boat. until this trip I had been using a red Dagger kayak that I purchased about 12 years ago, before kayaks became popular. The Dagger has served me well, but on the last couple of trips I started thinking that I want something a little wider and more roomy. I did some research and found that Next makes a small canoe that seems to fit my specs. It just so happened that Narrow River kayak rental in Narragansett RI (where I have a small summer home) had a used one for sale and I bought it. 

I started out at 9:20 AM from the Riverfront Park boat ramp in Sayre PA where I had paddle up to on my last trip.

About 10 minutes later the Susquehanna St. bridge in Athens PA comes into view, and I passed under it at 9:36. 16 minutes after leaving the boat ramp.

Soon after going under the bridge the river splits and I decided to take the left branch. But if I had to do it again I would take the right branch. The left branch was slow going and I actually dragged bottom a few times. Also, I completely missed the merging of the Chenango river with the Susquehanna. The Chenango is a major tributary of the Susquehanna and historically important (more on this in the area history section). TO BE CONTINUED