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My name is Dominic CucĂ©.  My goal is to kayak the whole length of the Susquehanna river, take photos and get as much info as possible that could be used as a guide by  others who may want  to kayak (or canoe, or raft) parts, or the whole length. I think the Susquehanna river is a much neglected (although there's been a lot of improvements in the last 20 years) national treasure that could be made into a kind of Appalachian trail for paddlers. It would really be wonderful if we could start a movement towards that goal.

 I have a pretty demanding job and I'm doing both the trip and web site update on my spare time. So it may take a while before my goal is accomplished. I started this July and so far I have done two sections: From Cooperstown, NY (headwaters of the North Branch) to Portlandville, NY, and from Portlandville to the Colliers, NY dam. As I complete each section I will add a page to the website. At this writing I have only the page dealing with the Cooperstown to Portlandville section. But I will soon add a second page for the Portlandville to Colliers dam. Also, I will add additional details to each page as I get more information or think of details that may be important. So, if you are interested, please check back once a week and you might see new postings.

I am not a professional and I value constructive criticism. If you see anything that may be incorrect, or could be better worded, or if you have information that you think may be useful please write to me at domcuce@aol.com

Thank you for looking at my web site,


It's not about us. It's just me; domcuce@aol.com